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Can I advertise with Smart Sell and use an Estate Agent?


The answer is in most cases yes you can; please see our page on Already with an Estate Agent for more information.


Why sell on the internet?


Perhaps the single biggest reason why estate agents are now using the internet is getting the property details in front of the largest audience possible to achieve a sale. With the power of the internet you can reach the widest possible range of buyers. The internet is the most cost effective way of advertising. We collaborate with a huge network of sites including some of the leading property portals here in Spain and the UK. This means your property will be visible to the many millions of buyers who regularly surf the net for property.


Do I need a For Sale board?


You don’t need to have a sign up displaying your property for sale but it is a definite advantage, buyers cruising around your area will be able to see instantly that your property is for sale and can then find out the asking price. Either by calling the advertised number or by looking up your property on our website and viewing the internal photos.


How do I 'value' my property?


Firstly we should point out that only surveyors value property. What your local estate agent would provide is a market appraisal - what they feel it is worth in the current local market. This is based typically on what's currently for sale (your competition) and how buoyant the market is, but isn't an exact science. The properties in the streets and area surrounding your home provide you with the ideal guide to what you should be asking. These are already up for sale and have therefore considered the current market when deciding the asking price. By considering a number of local prices for similar properties, you are benefiting from the overall picture of the area and the competition. Many of these prices however will have been determined by local estate agents and will include his commission.


Is Smartsell an estate agent?


Yes. Smartsell provides you with a means to advertise your property on a network of high profile websites across the internet. Property portals are the online version of placing an advert in your local newspaper. This allows us to be in complete control of your sale.


I don’t live in the property, who will attend viewings for me?


In these cases we suggest you use our professional key holding service. Mostly people require key holding for viewings only, however others prefer a more complete service with regular visits and maintenance appraisals.


Should I tell my agent that I'm also with you?


Although with most agent’s contracts you're not obliged to we would suggest it is common courtesy to do so. Doing this makes things clear from the start, and if we find a buyer before your other agent does then there are no surprises in store for anyone. Informing your estate agent could also be beneficial - the fact that you have more than one agent actively selling the property should focus their mind on finding you a buyer quickly if they want their commission.


Where will my property be advertised?


With Smartsell your property advert is available to be viewed on our web site which is linked to local, regional and national websites both in Spain the UK and Ireland. We also do Newspaper and magazine advertising to promote the site.


How do I prepare for a viewing?


We have created a fully comprehensive guide to preparing for that all important viewing and it is available to everyone, just e-mail us and ask for a copy.

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