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10 Steps to Increase Saleability

Tiny details count as much as the big things when you’re trying to sell a home.
You can’t always predict what will capture buyers’ fancy (or what will turn them off). But most buyers respond to certain things, such as a clean, clutter-free home in good repair. Homes that owners keep in tip-top shape for viewings gain higher offers than homes that aren't ready for show time. You might have already thought about painting or doing some repairs. But other small-scale details can prove just as important in creating a saleable home. Here are ten small-scale suggestions that you can do to help prepare your property for viewings.


1. Welcome the buyer at the entry. Clean and polish the brass door knocker. Put potted flowers on the porch. Make sure the front entry floor is always sparkling clean and the porch and steps are always swept. First impressions count.


2. Stimulate buyers' imaginations. Set the dinner table with your best china. Your goal is to set a scene that will encourage buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.


3. Be ruthless about odours. If there is a smell, your house won't sell.


4. Create a spacious feeling. Move oversized furniture to a storage facility. Make sure entrances to all rooms have an open flow.


5. Make the most of views. Make sure the interior is visible from the street. All windows must be crystal clean and clear.


6. Create counter space. Store away extra appliances and clutter. Decrease kitchen clutter further by removing magnets from the refrigerator.


7. Avoid eccentric decor. Remove decorations which might not appeal to the masses, from hanging beads in doorways to jars where your children store their spider collections.


8. Let there be light. Increase the wattage of light bulbs in kitchen and bathrooms. For viewings, turn on lights in every room.


9. Have a garage sale before the home is listed. Get rid of clutter to allow the buyer to really see your home. Pack away everything you can and clear out items you won't need in your next home.


10. Show how your family made the house a home. Is the house warm and inviting? Does it feel like home? Then perhaps it will to buyers too.


We have created a fully comprehensive guide to preparing for that all important viewing, simply click on this link 'Guide to Viewings'.

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