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Already with an Estate Agent

Can I sell with Smartsell and still use an estate agent?


In most cases, Yes you can !


There are three common types of estate agent contract:

  • Sole Agency

As the name suggests, your chosen estate agent is the only agent with the right to sell your property. You cannot appoint another estate agent without agreement from your chosen agent and a change of contract. With this contract you can also sell your property privately.

  • Multiple Agency Contract

This is when you have a number of estate agents working for you to market your property, in this case all of the agents are aware that it may not be them that actually achieve a sale on your property. You also have the right to sell your property privately. Here at Smartsell we use these open multiple agency contracts but we also collaborate with other agents to help achieve a sale.

  • Sole Selling Rights

The estate agent is the only one with the right to sell your property. It is different from sole agency: if you find a buyer yourself, you still have to pay the estate agent. Thankfully these types of agreements are extremely rare, but we would advise you look at the contract you have signed or contact your agent to make sure.


If you already have a contract with an estate agent then you should easily be able to see which type of contract you have because the terms 'sole agency', 'multiple agency' and 'sole selling rights' must be explained in writing if they are used in a contract.


If you are stuck in a 'sole selling rights' contract and you really would like some extra advertising for your property then we suggest placing an independent advert but putting your estate agents marketing price and their contact details on the advert - if he's going to get his money either way then he might as well handle the enquiries that you generate as well.


We hope this page has cleared up any questions you may have had regarding the different contracts and services of an estate agent.


For more information on estate agents, their contracts and obligations please visit the Office of Fair Trading website and look at the free booklet entitled ‘Using an Estate Agent’.

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