For Sale Board

But what about the ‘For Sale’ board?



‘For Sale’ boards are not the preserve of Estate Agents! We offer our uniquely designed ‘For Sale’ board. The sign clearly states a ‘reference number’ which relates to your property on the website so that the prospective buyer can look up the details (and price) before contacting us. The signs are made of the same durable materials as used by many agents.


A ‘For Sale’ sign is always a good idea since different estimates place the level of sales arising from seeing a ‘For sale’ sign on a house they know/like at between 25% and 35%.


A ‘For Sale’ sign is like have an active salesman stood outside your property shouting “I am up for sale with Smartsell” every minute of every day.


A sign that tells is a sign that sells


Here is our unique For Sale sign, it shows the property reference number and the web site, then there is the contact phone number depending on who in our office is dealing with your property.







Price Min.:
Price Max.:
Min. Beds:
Ref No:

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